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Trion® FPGAs

Designed for Fast-Paced Edge and IoT Markets


Delivering Power-Performance-Area Advantages

Trion® FPGAs are built on a 40 nm process with a logic density range from 4K to 120K logic elements (LEs) and standard interfaces such as GPIO, PLLs, oscillators, MIPI, DDR, LVDS, etc. Trion FPGAs target general-purpose custom logic markets (mobile, IoT, general consumer, industrial, and medical) as well as fast-growing markets such as compute acceleration and deep learning in edge devices.

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Small Packages

With packages down to the tiny WLCSP at just 4.5 mm x 3.6 mm, Trion FPGAs are designed for highly integrated applications

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MIPI CSI-2 Controller

A hardened controller for the popular MIPI CSI-2 interface supports IoT, thermal cameras, industrial cameras, robotics, and smart devices.

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DDR DRAM Controller

The hardened DDR DRAM controller lets you store data for processing .

Product Longevity

Trion products are designed into a broad range of applications in many diverse markets. Some of these markets are characterized by long product life cycles and, once in high volume production, are resistant to changes in specifications or components in the bill of materials. At Efinix we get that and are committed to supplying our customers with a stable supply of supported products throughout their product life cycle. We are committed to supporting our Trion family of FPGAs in customer designs until at least 2037. Contact your local sales representative for more information on product life cycles.

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Video Proecssing

With low power consumption and cost effective silicon efficiency, Trion FPGAs provide image enhancement, feature extraction, and artificially intelligent analysis of the video data.

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Edge and Internet of Things

With inherent area efficiency, take Titanium FPGAs to mass production ensuring a seamless transition from prototype to end product and a corresponding reduction in time to market.

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Industrial Automation

Titanium FPGAs provide sensor fusion, data analysis, and real-time motor control to process the unprecedented quantities of data in today’s industrial applications.

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Simple, Easy-to-Use Solution

Trion FineLine BGA packages are perfect for small form factor, low power applications that require fast time to market. T8, T13 and T20 devices are also available in LQFP packages for reduced PCB layer counts and lower BoM costs. Additionally, LQFP100F3 packages include integrated SPI flash that can store multiple configuration bitstreams, non-volatile user data or RISC-V application code. The 16 Mbit flash reduces system footprint, power consumption and design complexity.

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Trion FPGA Family

Feature T4 T8 T13 T20 T35 T55 T85 T120
Logic Elements (LEs) 3,888 7,384 12,828 19,728 31,680 54,195 84,096 112, 128
Mask Programmable
Memory (MPM)
Embedded RAM Bits (kb) 77 123 727 1,044 1,475 2,765 4,055 5,407
Embedded 5K RAM blocks 15 24 142 204 288 540 792 1,056
18x18 Multipliers 4 8 24 36 120 150 240 320
PLLs 1 5 5 7 7 8 8 8
LVDS (TX, RX) 6, 6 13, 13 20, 26 20, 26 52, 52 52, 52 52, 52
(up to 1066 Mbps)
x16 x16 x32 x32 x32
MIPI 4-lane DPHY with
built-in CSI-2 controller
2 RX
2 TX
2 RX
2 TX
2 RX
2 TX
3 RX
3 TX
3 RX
3 TX
3 RX
3 TX
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Trion Package Options

Package Pitch
GPIO (1) PLLs SPI Flash
LVDS Pairs
TX, RX (1)
DRAM (1)
T4 T8 T13 T20 T35 T55 T85 T120
49-ball FBGA 0.4 3x3 33 1      
80-ball WLCSP 0.4 4.5x3.6 33 3   1, 1  
81-ball FBGA 0.5 5x5 55 1      
100-pin LQFP
0.5 14x14 65 5 16 4, 4
144-pin LQFP
0.5 20x20 97 5 6, 6    
169-ball FBGA
0.65 9x9 73 5 8, 12 2, 2  
256-ball FBGA 0.8 13x13 195 5 13, 13    
256-ball FBGA 0.8 13x13 191 7 10, 18    
324-ball FBGA 0.65 12x12 130 7 20, 26 2, 2 x8, x16
400-ball FBGA 0.8 16x16 230 7 20, 26   x8, x16
484-ball FBGA 0.8 18x18 256 8 40, 40   x16, x32
576-ball FBGA 0.65 16x16 278 8 52, 52 3,3 x16, x32
(1) The MIPI and DDR interface have dedicated I/O; therefore; the GPIO number does not include the I/O count for those interfaces.

I/O Intensive Solution

The Trion T13, T20, T55, T85, and T120 FPGAs have many GPIO and LVDS pins, making them useful for high-bandwidth interface bridging and I/O expansion. These I/O-rich FPGAs support applications in broadcast, display, control, automation, and robotics.

Bridging Image Sensors and Processors


Quantum® Fabric

Trion FPGAs are built on Efinix's first-generation Quantum® fabric. This innovative fabric is made up a sea of tiles that can function as logic and routing. So software can decide where to put logic and where to put routing, making Trion FPGAs extremely efficient. In addition to logic and routing, the fabric includes embedded memory blocks and multiplier blocks (or DSP blocks).

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Trion FPGA Block Diagram



Complete System Solution

With a DDR3/LPDDR3 memory interface, MIPI interface, and a soft processor system (such as RISC-V), you can use Trion T35, T55, T85, and T120 FPGAs to build complete system solutions for applications like smart home products, surveillance cameras, professional cameras, and high-end intelligent systems. The Quantum® core's fine grained architecture, which is at the center of Trion FPGAs, is perfect for building compute-intensive machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks.

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