Trion® T13 FPGAs

The T13 FPGA features the high-density, low-power Efinix® Quantum® fabric wrapped with an I/O interface in a small footprint package for easy integration. T13 FPGAs support mobile, consumer, and IoT edge markets that need low power, low cost, and a small form factor. These FPGAs have hardened MIPI CSI-2 controllers with independent TX/RX. T13 FPGAs:

  • Some packages have hardened MIPI CSI-2 interfaces for video and camera applications
  • Have LVDS pins that operate at 800 Mbps per lane
  • Are built on a low-power 40 nm process
  • Feature high-performance I/O supporting 1.8, 2.5, and 3.3 V single-ended I/O standards and interfaces
  • Provide flexible on-chip clocking
  • Have device configuration options including a standard SPI and JTAG interfaces
  • Fully supported by the Efinity® software, an RTL-to-bitstream compiler
  • Optional mask option, that allows you to eliminate the configuration device, thereby saving space and costs
  • LQFP100F3 package features internal SPI flash memory for configuration bitstreams, non-volatile user data and RISC-V application code


Mobile, Consumer, IoT, Edge


Logic elements: 12,828
RAM (Kbits): 727.04
RAM (blocks): 142
Multipliers (18 x 18): 24


T13 Data Sheet

Trion Overview

Trion FPGA 製品概要

Trion Selector Guide

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Available T13 FPGAs

Package Pins GPIO PLLs Osc. SPI Flash (Mbit) LVDS
DDR Temp.
Where to Buy
T13Q100F3C3 LQFP 100 65 5 16 4 4 C 3 DigiKey
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T13Q100F3C4 LQFP 100 65 5 16 4 4 C 4 DigiKey
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T13Q100F3I4 LQFP 100 65 5 16 4 4 I 4 DigiKey
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T13F169C3 FBGA 169 73 5 8 12 2 2 C 3 DigiKey
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T13F169C4 FBGA 169 73 5 8 12 2 2 C 4 DigiKey
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T13F169I4 FBGA 169 73 5 8 12 2 2 I 4 DigiKey
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T13F169Q4 FBGA 169 73 5 8 12 2 2 Q 4 Find distributor
T13F256C3 FBGA 256 195 5 13 13 C 3 DigiKey
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T13F256C4 FBGA 256 195 5 13 13 C 4 DigiKey
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T13F256I4 FBGA 256 195 5 13 13 I 4 DigiKey
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T13F256Q4 FBGA 256 195 5 13 13 Q 4 Find distributor

Available Packages


LQFP100 block diagram
(14 x 14 mm, 0.5 pitch)

BGA169 block diagram
(9 x 9 mm, 0.65 pitch)

BGA256 block diagram
(13 x 13 mm, 0.8 pitch)

Dimensions and blocks shown for illustrative purposes.

Use Cases

Camera Image Processing and Bridging

In this simplified remote camera, one or more sensors collect data. The Trion FPGA aggregates and processes the image with functions such as debayering, color space conversion, etc. for display. The Trion FPGA may make decisions on what data is stored locally, perhaps defined by an environmental statistic, and continually flushes unwanted data as time goes on. Depending on the application, low power, integration, and small footprint can be important attributes, and Trion FPGAs hit these metrics.

Smart Home Controller

This smart home application, or more generically, you could just call it smart life. These products have camera sensors, environmental sensors, body sensors, motion sensors, you name it, with localized processing and connectivity. Power and small size are important attributes in these smart home, smart life applications, especially if they are wearable.