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Efinix designed the Quantum™ architecture to be the leading programmable technology delivering the best power, performance, and area (form factor) for silicon products. Our goal is to provide the most flexible programmable technology, tailored for compute-intensive applications including compute acceleration, machine learning, and deep learning.

The basic building block of the Quantum fabric is the eXchangeable Logic and Routing (XLR) cell. An XLR cell can function as either a LUT-based logic cell or a routing switch encoded with a scalable, flexible routing structure.

XLR cell

XLR cell advantages

  • Fine grained architecture
  • No interface overhead
  • Configurable routing and logic
  • Adaptive interconnect
  • Hybrid place and route algorithms
  • All CMOS pass gates
  • Standard silicon recipes

Traditional FPGA

Comparing Traditional FPGAs to the First-Generation Quantum Fabric

  • 2X to 4X area reduction
  • 2X power reduction
  • Scalable to 1M+ LEs
  • Configurable wide data bus
  • Configurable pipeline datapath
  • Silicon process agnostic

Level Up with the Quantum Compute Fabric

The second-generation Quantum compute fabric layers on even more compute and routing capabilities. On top of the streamlined XLR cell, the Quantum compute fabric has 10K embedded RAM blocks and high-efficiency DSP blocks.

  • 16 nm process
  • 3X clock frequency boost compared to first generation
  • 2X efficiency improvement compared to first generation
  • Tiny die size
  • Low power