Xyloni Development Kit

The Xyloni Development kit features the Efinix® T8 programmable device in a 81-ball FBGA package. T8 FPGAs have a programmable logic and routing fabric built on Efinix® Quantum™ technology. T8 devices also include embedded memory blocks, multiplier blocks (or DSP blocks), a PLL, and an oscillator. Learn more about Trion FPGAs

With the development kit, you get a license for the Efinity® software with 1 year of upgrades. The Efinity software provides a complete tool flow from RTL design to bitstream generation, including synthesis, place-and-route, debugging, and timing analysis.


  • Efinix® T8F81C2 device in an 81-ball FineLine BGA package
  • 128 Mbit SPI NOR flash memory
  • Dedicated UART interface through micro-USB type B
  • 41-pin high-speed connector for user I/O
  • 12-pin PMOD-compatible GPIO connector
  • Micro-SD card slots
  • 4 user LEDs and 2 user pushbutton switches
  • 33.33 MHz oscillator
  • User selectable voltages from 1.8 V, 2.5 V, and 3.3 V

Xyloni Board

Tron T120 BGA576 Board

Xyloni Board Block Diagram

T120 board block diagram

Opal RISC-V Tutorial

You can download the design files and documentation from GitHub.

Efinity Tutorial

You can download the design files and documentation from GitHub.

What's in the box

  • Xyloni development board preloaded with a demonstration design
  • Micro-USB cable
  • 3 unsoldered pin headers


Xyloni Development Kit Overview

Xyloni Development Kit User Guide

Opal RISC-V SoC Data Sheet

Opal (Xyloni) RISC-V SoC Hardware and Software User Guide

Open Source

Xyloni GitHub

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