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IP Cores

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All IP cores are included with the Efinity IP Manager except for early access IP cores and the RISC-V SDK.

You cannot view our early access IP cores until you have purchased a development kit or obtained an Efinity license.

Divider Core
Integer Square Root Core
AXI Infrastructures
AXI Interconnect Core
AXI Data FIFO Core
AXI4-Stream Switch Core
Bridges and Adaptors
APB3 to AXI4 Lite Converter Core
Data Pipeline Core
DMA Controller Core
Triple Speed Ethernet MAC Core
Block RAM Wrapper Core
Memory Controllers
DDR3 Soft Controller Core
ASMI SPI Flash Controller
DDR Hard Memory Controller-Reset Core
DDR Hard Memory Controller-Calibration and Reset Core
HyperRAM Controller Core
SDRAM Controller Core
SD Host Controller Core
Trion DDR Calibration and Debug IP Core
MIPI 2.5G CSI-2 RX Controller IP Core
MIPI 2.5G CSI-2 TX Controller IP Core
MIPI CSI-2 RX Controller Core
MIPI CSI-2 TX Controller Core
MIPI D-PHY RX Controller Core
MIPI D-PHY TX Controller Core
MIPI DSI TX Controller Core
Serial Interface Protocols
I2C Core
Sapphire SoC
End of Life IP Cores
Ruby SoC
Jade SoC
Opal SoC
DDR Hard Memory Controller-Calibration Core
JTAG SPI Flash Loader Core

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