Automotive Solutions

The modern vehicle has become a data center on wheels. With embedded MIPI interfaces and the reprogrammable Quantum™ fabric, Efinix® FPGAs are uniquely positioned to address the needs of automotive applications.

In recent years, the automotive industry has been experiencing a paradigm shift in the way it embraces technology. Modern vehicles incorporate hundreds of sensors such as 360 degree surround video, LiDAR sensors for automatic driver assistance, and lane departure assistance sensors. There is even a roadmap that shows a credible path to truly autonomous driving. Inside the vehicle, the driver has an unprecedented wealth of information while the passengers enjoy an immersive in-vehicle entertainment experience. Increasingly, vehicle sensors are connected with automotive Ethernet and feed data back to centralized intelligent compute and storage systems.

The Trion and Titaniuim families have members that feature hardened MIPI interfaces that, alongside a wealth of GPIO, ensure universal connectivity for sensor fusion while the Quantum fabric delivers the compute capability for low latency, intelligent processing of realtime data. All members of the Titanium family and select Trion devices are AEC-Q100 certified for automotive applications. From optical and LiDAR sensors to artificially intelligent data processing to display and motor control, Efinix FPGAs deliver the driving power behind automotive applications.