Efinity® Integrated Development

Efinity IDE Overview

Trion logoThe Efinix® Efinity® IDE provides a complete RTL-to-bitstream flow. With a simple, easy to use GUI interface and command-line scripting support, the Efinity software provides the tools you need to build designs for Trion™ FPGAs.


  • Project management to keep your design files organized
    • Support for Verilog HDL and VHDL langauages
    • Graphical views of design hierarchy, result files, and reports
  • Easy to use dashboard to run through the flow (synthesis, placement, routing, bitstream generation) automatically or manually
  • Interface Designer to constrain logic and assign pins to blocks in the device periphery
  • Floorplan Editor to browse through your design's logic and routing placement
  • Timing Browser and static timing analysis to measure your design's performance
    • Tcl Command Console to perform timing analysis
  • Supports simulation flows using the ModelSim, NCSim, or free iVerilog simulators
  • GUI and command-line Programmer to configure your Trion FPGA or Quantum core

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