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Titanium Ti375 C529 Development Kit

Quad-Core RISC-V | MIPI D-PHY | LPDDR4/4x

Automotive Solutions

Titanium Ti375

Quad-Core RISC-V | PCIe® Gen4 | MIPI D-PHY (2.5 Gbps)| 10G Ethernet
The Ti375 FPGA features the high-density, low-power Efinix® Quantum® compute fabric wrapped with an I/O interface. This FPGA has a variety of features, such as a hardened RISC-V block, SerDes transceiver, LPDDR4 DRAM controller, and MIPI D-PHY.
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Efinix - FPGA Conference Europe 2024
FPGA Conference Europe

July 2 - 4, 2024 | NH München Ost Conference Center
Check out our sharing session to learn more about Efinix FPGAs!
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It's time for a change
It's Time for a Change

Efinix has a wide range of FPGAs with the features you need, the technology to let you innovate, and a price you can afford.
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Automotive Solutions
Automotive Solutions

With embedded MIPI interfaces and the reprogrammable Quantum® fabric, Efinix® FPGAs are uniquely positioned to address the needs of automotive applications.
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FPGA Families

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With up to 1 million logic elements, Titanium FPGAs bring high performance, high capacity, and low power to the mainstream market.

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Trion FPGAs are for general-purpose logic applications and span 4K to 120K logic elements.

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Test & Measurement

Test and measurement equipment

Efficient Solutions to Enable Your Success

At the heart of our FPGAs is our disruptive Quantum® fabric, which delivers power, performance, and area advantages over traditional FPGA technologies. Our Titanium FPGAs are ready to unlock new applications and deliver rapid time to market for innovations in the mainstream marketplace. With densities ranging from 4K to 1 million logic elements (LEs), our FPGAs are ready to meet your next design challenge, whether it is custom logic, compute acceleration, machine learning, or deep learning.