Industrial Automation Solutions

Today’s industrial applications generate unprecedented quantities of data. Efinix® FPGAs have been widely adopted in industrial applications providing sensor fusion, data analysis, and real-time motor control.

Sensors monitor not only every parameter of a production line’s output but also the performance of the production line itself. Machines are instrumented to detect any sign of wear or potential failure to allow for preventative maintenance to be performed thus avoiding costly down time. Latency critical processes require that compute and artificially intelligent data processing move closer to the source of the data where it can be analyzed and interpreted in real time.

Efinix® FPGAs have a cost structure that allows them to be widely deployed and a power and performance envelop that makes them ideally suited for industrial environments. With the growing focus on edge compute and artificially intelligent data processing, Efinix devices will be increasingly deployed to deliver the compute requirements of the next generation of industrial automation.