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Efinix's Titanium Ti375 Sampling; Unlocking and Delivering Mainstream Edge Intelligence Innovation

Titanium Ti375 FPGAs sets the bar for high performance compute at the edge for smart devices with low power paving the way for edge intelligence

CUPERTINO, Calif.—April 8, 2024—Efinix®, an innovator in programmable logic solutions, today announced its Titanium Ti375 high performance FPGA is now shipping in sample quantities to early access customers.

“With today’s proliferation and diversity of applications, there is an insatiable demand for high compute performance and low power in a footprint that can be deployed at the far edge,” said Efinix Co-founder, CEO and President Sammy Cheung. “The Titanium family of FPGAs, particularly the Ti375, is unique in being able to satisfy these requirements and an absolute game changer.”

The Ti375 is manufactured in an advanced 16 nm process node, Titanium FPGAs deliver performance and efficiency through high-density, low power and high compute in small package footprints ranging from 35,000-to-1 million logic elements. Ti375, with a capacity of 375K logic elements features:

  • Quad-Core Hardened RISC-V block at over 1GHz with Linux capable MMU, FPU and custom instruction capability
  • Quad SerDes transceivers supporting up to 16 Gbps raw data rates with multiple protocols, including PCIe® 4.0, Ethernet SGMII and Ethernet 10GBase-KR protocols, as well as PMA Direct mode
  • Dual Embedded PCIe® Gen4x4 controllers supporting root complex and end point with SRIOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization) and dual hardened LPDDR4/4X DRAM controllers for high bandwidth access to external memory

Titanium Ti375

“The Titanium family of FPGAs has set a new value bar for us in the imaging marketplace. The power and performance points have allowed us to innovate and extend our leadership position with our camera platforms,” said Jan Hartmann, managing director of industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH. “The Ti375 elevates that value bar once again, delivering high speed SerDes and compute capability in a small, low power footprint. Efinix continues to deliver against the promise of its revolutionary architecture.”

The Titanium Ti375 FPGA solution enables a wide variety of applications spanning machine vision, video bridges, automotive and communications, to name a few.

“Our Titanium Ti375 makes custom silicon obsolete making it ideal for the rapidly evolving models used in AI and will be instrumental in delivering against the requirements for edge intelligence,” said Mark Oliver, Efinix vice president of marketing. “By delivering a unique power, performance, size combination, Ti375 will support edge AI from lab to production, and beyond.”

In conjunction with embedded world Exhibition & Conference kicking-off tomorrow in Nuremberg, Germany, Efinix representatives will be conducting live demos of the Titanium Ti375. Visit Efinix at booth 4-549 in Hall 4.

About Efinix

Efinix®, an innovator in programmable products, is committed to delivering the low power and reconfigurability of its high-performance Titanium FPGA silicon platforms for applications in the mainstream market. Efinix FPGAs deliver power, performance, and area advantages over traditional FPGA technologies, unlocking new applications and delivering rapid time to market. Titanium devices range from 35K to 1M logic elements, have a small form-factor, low-power, and are priced for high-volume production. The Efinity® Integrated Development Environment provides a complete FPGA design suite from RTL to bitstream.

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