Efinity® RISC-V
Embedded Software IDE


The Efinity® RISC-V Embedded Software IDE is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) powered by Ashling's RiscFree™ IDE. Sapphire SoC provides a complete and seamless environment for RISC-V C and C++ software development. The new RISC-V IDE improves user experience, functionality, and integration with Efinity® Software.

  • Optimized process to import projects
    • Eliminates the step to import C/C++ Project Settings
    • Ability to import projects by checking on tick boxes
    • Automatically load correct C/C++ Project Settings for standalone and FreeRTOS designs
  • Flexibility to set the workspace to any directory
  • Flexibility to select the Efinity BSP and FreeRTOS Kernel location during new/ import project process

What's New?

  • Supports new project creation
    • Automatic inclusion of required header files
    • Auto launch script generation
    • Template source file generation
  • Supports QEMU emulator for 32-bit RISC-V cores with example
    • Run program without actual hardware attached
  • Supports CSR and Peripheral Register Viewer
    • Simplify the process to view Sapphire SoC’s CSR and peripheral registers without needs to know the addresses of each peripherals and CSR naming
    • CSR and Peripheral register description files are dynamically generated based on Sapphire SoC Configuration
  • Supports FreeRTOS Queue and Task List View
    • Improve your debugging experience on FreeRTOS program

SoC Sapphire Design Flow

SoC Design Flow

What's in the Package?

Efinix provides a complete package of hardware and software files for Sapphire SoC to assist users to develop software applications. Efinix developed the Efinity® RISC-V Embedded Software IDE which is Eclipse-based with full source project creation, editing, building, and debugging that integrates with our Efinity® Software.


  • SoC RTL files
  • SoC testbench
  • Example design targeting an Efinix development board


  • Board support package (BSP)
  • Linker script
  • SoC include header files
  • OpenOCD configuration files
  • Example software applications


  • Efinity RISC-V Embedded Software IDE Powered by Ashling's RiscFree™ IDE

IDE GUI for Debugging

Efinity Software

Efinity RISC-V IDE Tutorials

The following videos walk you through how to use the Efinity® RISC-V Embedded Software IDE.

Introduction and Installation

Launch, Import, and Create a Project

Debug a Project