Trion® FireAnt Development Board

Get Started with the FireAnt Development Board

from Jungle Electronics

Jungle Electronics has built the FireAnt USB thumb-sized board based on the Efinix® Trion® T8 FPGA. The board is an easy-to-use development platform for FPGA makers and hobbyists. All you need to get started is the FireAnt board, a PC, and the Efinity® software.

The breadboard-friendly design lets you quickly develop applications with sensors, peripherals, or other interfaces. It’s the perfect solution for manufacturers to prototype their projects or for digital design students to learn FPGA development using Efinix's Trion programmable platform. The power, performance, and size advantages of the Trion T8 FPGA also make it ideal for edge IoT applications. The FireAnt board comes with a license for the Efinity software and 1 year of software upgrades and patches. Learn more about Trion FPGAs


  • Efinix Trion T8 FPGA in 81-ball FBGA package
  • Board dimensions: 51.4 x 18.3 mm
  • Supply voltage: VBUS 5 V | VCC 3.3 V
  • VCCIO: 3.3 V
  • Onboard 33.333 MHz crystal oscillator for the FPGA's PLL
  • GPIOs: 35
  • LED: 6 (incl. 4 user-configurable LEDs)
  • Flash: 8 Mbit serial NOR Flash
  • Programming: USB v2.0 hi-speed (480 Mbps) or JTAG

FireAnt Board

Tron T120 BGA324 Board

For more information about the FireAnt board or to order, go to the FireAnt page on CrowdSupply