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Example Design: Trion T120 BGA324 Raspberry Pi to HDMI

Efinix provides two Raspberry Pi to HDMI example designs that demonstrate how the Trion® T120 FPGA can receive a high-speed video data from a camera, process it with a filter, and then display the video to a monitor. The demonstration uses the Trion® T120 BGA324 Development Board, a Raspberry Pi v2 camera module and a monitor.

Raspberry Pi to HDMI with Debayer Filter

A Raspberry Pi v2 camera captures video and sends it through the Trion® T120 FPGA's RX interface. The interface processes the video (1920 x 1080 resolution, RAW 10) using 2 MIPI lanes. The T120 FPGA manipulates the image data using an RGB gain filter and debayer filter. The T120 sends the resulting image to the HDMI interface, which you can view using an HDMI monitor.

Raspberry Pi to HDMI Block Diagram

Raspberry Pi to HDMI with Debayer Filter (Crop and Scale)

This design is very similar to the Raspberry Pi to HDMI with Debayer Filter design. In addition to the other processing functions, it crops and scales the image.

Raspberry Pi to HDMI Crop and Scale Block Diagram

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