The Time Is Right

Taking programmable technology to the next level.

Company Overview

Founded in September 2012, our mission is disruptive innovation and market creation in the programmable logic industry. After 4 years of intensive research and development and major customer engagements, we have successfully rolled out our Efinix™ Programmable Accelerator (EPA) technology.

EPA technology demonstrates up to 4X improved area and 2X improved power consumption compared to traditional FPGA technologies, while matching the performance of leading FPGAs. With EPA technology, we can build much better programmable devices (EPA-Device) than traditional FPGA devices, with much lower power and smaller form factor (die and package size). Alternatively, we can efficiently deploy the EPA as programmable cores (EPA-Core) integrated on complex SoCs or ASICs.

The slowdown of Moore's Law and the massive increase in system complexity have drastically increased the cost of development and time to market for advanced SoCs and ASICs. Efinix products alleviate these problems with EPA-Devices and EPA-Cores.