Career Opportunities

Ever dream of working at a start-up? Actually know what the acronym FPGA means and think it’s facinating? Then contact us today at to find out how you can join our energetic team of programmable logic professionals. We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Field Applications Engineer (North America)

We are looking for a Northern California-based FAE to support customers in the San Jose area and west coast.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Become expert in all aspects of Trion FPGAs, evaluation boards, solutions and Efinity tool Flow to support customer architectural and implementation activities; driving new customer design wins.
  • Fluent in Verilog HDL/VHDL FPGA development, debug process, coding approaches, and techniques to help customer development engineers through various stages of the development process.
  • Meet with customer engineers in early development stage and listen and understand their specific project needs/requirements to then present/communicate appropriate Efinix products and solutions – potentially supporting customers through design all the way to end of engineering into production.
  • Use system level, FPGA component, and PCB expirience to debug and solve any development hurdles.
  • Manage and prioritize interface and actions with customers and internal resources to resolve questions, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction in using Efinix FPGAs and solutions.
  • Create FPGA demos or functional blocks required by a growth market or customer design-in, that can be used to show how an Efinix solution could solve prioritized customer needs.
  • Recognize unique market trends and be internal champion for solution development or partnerships around those needs.
  • Work with internal and external sales organization for targeted travel to customers/partners; meeting with engineer, marketing or management to understand technical needs and address any implementation questions needed for Trion usage.

Key Qualifications:

  • Ability to handle multi-level communications internally and externally to prioritize and influence people’s efforts.
  • Deep Verilog HDL/VHDL experience – 7+ years developing FPGA solutions solving timing challenges, signal integrity, synthesis, test-benches, etc.
  • Versed in typical hardware/FPGA development process to effectively direct and guide customer to faster development cycles.
  • Ability to easily and quickly get to root cause of a technical problems and effectively solve them.
  • Able to relate and interface to various engineers and management at customers or partners.
  • Strong communications skills needed for customer interface and for internally driving needs.
  • Ability to self-manage, prioritize, and multitask many and various types of activity.
  • Vision and Image processing experience is a plus.


  • Northern California, specifically the San Jose area.
  • Overnight, multiple day travel around the western Americas will be involved, potentially beyond west for priority customers.
  • Web based meetings will be integral.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, or comparable degree.

Entry Level Hardware Engineer

We are looking for a motivated candidate to join the hardware engineering team to bring existing products to production as well as help develop our next-generation programmable logic solutions.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Train and rotate through various functions of the hardware team.
  • Functions include maintaining hardware and IT systems, device test and characterization, circuit design, design automation, and other aspects of bringing a hardware device to production.

Key Qualifications:

  • New graduate to 2 years of industry experience


  • Bachelor's Degree in EE